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Do you sense it, this thing in the air that smells like rose the closer we get to February? Yes of course I mean Valentine's Day, which for me means it is time to wear pink nails everyday! So I am getting in the mood with Femme Fatale Rapunzel, a pretty...

There is no doubt I have been gravitating around red colors these past few weeks, which is quite unusual. However I believe this is a good thing. Wearing reds makes me feel strong and powerful and pretty, it actually started to replace makeup for me,...

Vous le savez peut être déjà mais je suis une fan inconditionnelle de la petite Sirène, J'ai toujours voulu être une sirène et j'adore tout ce qui me rappelle la mer, la plage, l’océan. Donc évidemment j’adore ce vernis de Femme Fatale Cosmetics prénommé...

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