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I have been wearing this color for over a week now, and to be honest I do not want to take it off (but I need to because it started chipping a bit). This wonderful color is Polish Me Silly 123 Glow, a bright purple color (which looks more blue in picture...

I have really been into solf multidimensional colors these past few weeks, soft after My Little Rainbow I really wanted to try Nacred (both by Tonic Polish). Nacred has a similar base but it is more pearlescent and also has tons of gold multichrome flakies....

2021 is finally here and like pretty much everybody I am really glad 2020 is over. I did not celebrate but I did put on one of my prettiest nail polish, Polish Me Silly Mylar Glow. I got it fairly recently but OMG I am so in olve with this color. You...