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As I mentioned recently, I was only able to do my nails once in the past month, but I did take pictures. I choose Essie Spring in Your Step because this color cheered me up without being to flashy, Believe it or not I have been more into softer colors...

So I took the time to sort my new pretties to show them to you. I did not buy a lot in March, though I did received my Femme Fatale Enchanted Fables Part 3 (2020), which contain 21 polishes, it is quite a lot, but they are all gorgeous! I did order quite...

Things have been very quiet on this blog and I am sorry about that. First let me say this, I am well and heathly right now, but with COVID-19 things have been super crazy in my life. I also hope you are all well considering the craziness the world is...