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Publié par The Girl in Pink

This is goodbye... for now...

As the tittle suggest I am taking a break from the blog. After publishing regularly for 12 years (well a bit less regularly for the last 2) I am coming to the sad realization that I do not have much time anymore to dedicate to this blog. After 12 years it is sad I know, this blog has seen me grow over the years. Finishing school, getting my PhD, my postdoc and my first job, moving to a different country, getting married... So much has happened and now it is time to move on. My work has gotten super busy and complicated, especially with the COVID pandemic (working in research and all that, and with limited ressources), we are also now looking for a house (and the current market in Florida is crazy it is no fun house shopping), and my other passion, sewing, has taken more and more of my limited free time. I am still doing my nails and I will continue to post them on Instagram @destrucsdefilles because well I still enjoy doing them, I just won't be spending time on writing about it. Maybe someday when things settle and I get more time I will come back here, and actually I am keeping the blog open for viewing, as well as my Twitter, but I am closing my Facebook page. In the meantime this is goodbye for now, thanks for reading me all these years, and maybe see you again someday!

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Ananka 09/03/2021 00:37

Ohh sorry to hear that. I will miss your posts. Sadly don't have Insta so cannot see you there. Good luck with everything. A good 12 year for you and lived through your nails :-D Take care and hope to see you back soon x