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Publié par The Girl in Pink

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I had cut my nails super short (because I had a lot of lab work scheduled and I knew they would break) so I left them bare for a while. While I do enjoy the low maintenance, i was missing doing my nails, and I noticed they would break much more easily when bare, so I decided to start wearing nail polish again. I went with a soft color, Orly Beautifully Bizarre, a magical lilac with a strong green shimmer. It is gorgeous and perfect for shorter nails. I believe I have this color in a gel version as well, I might try that on while my nails grow back.

Orly Beautifully Bizarre
Orly Beautifully Bizarre
Orly Beautifully Bizarre

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I love this Orly :-D
Yes it is very pretty and bright.